28 Dec

I’m just gonna say it: I watch a lot of T.V. And, I love it. All of it. From your comedies, dramas, and even reality T.V., I can just watch about anything. I also like to use my big, opinionated mouth let anyone who will listen to me know how I feel about what I’ve just seen. Since those people seem to be few and far between (I do have friends, they just don’t have that same passion for couch-potatoisms, those poor souls) I figured, hey, why don’t I combine my love of T.V. with my second passion: surfing the net. I’m a frequent watcher of message boards and blogs, but I’ve never been the type to comment unless something really moved me. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Every time I watch something that tugs at my heart, makes me throw a chair out the window, or heaven forbid, turn the channel, I’m going to write review of it. The only qualification I have is an opinion and thousands (or maybe even millions, OK not really) of hours in front of the television. I can’t promise I’ll get to every show out there (I still work full-time and try to have a social life) but I will try to get to as much as I can. I’m also welcome to any suggestions on any great T.V. I’m missing. So hand me the remote, cause here we go.

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