Random Thoughts on 2009, Part 1

28 Dec

There are probably a lot of great moments I have missed, but here are some from the top of my head. Enjoy, and feel free to suggest some of your own. If you haven’t seen some of these yet and are waiting for the DVD’s, be warned, there might be some spoilers.

Most Heartbreaking Scene Involving a Vampire: The moment True Blood hit the scene, I was hooked. Love, sex, and Vampires, how could I not be? With all the emotions the show makes me feel, I never once thought it would bring a tear to my eye. But that is exactly what happened during the “I Will Rise Up” episode. After a grueling ordeal with the Fellowship of the Sun, Godric, the young looking but much older Vampire (and maker of Eric) wishes to end his immortality. As the sun rises, Godric is engulfed in a blue flame, bringing Sookie (and the viewer) to tears. It is a credit to the writing that created a brief character that instantly clicked with audiences, and hopefully will never be forgotten.

Runner-up: Vicki getting staked by Stefan in the Vampire Diaries. The first episode really had me worried that I wasn’t going to like this supposed Twilight wanna-be (even though I do believe the books it is based on are much older) but boy was I wrong. The show was able to take a cliche character (girl from the wrong side of the tracks) and add a new dimension after Damon turned her. Vicki’s growing desires made her someone to sympathize with, and I literally gasped as Stefan lunged the stake into her heart in order to protect Elena. Like Godric, she was a character I wished to have lasted longer, but will probably never forget.

Pleasant suprise: The No. 1 Ladie’s Detective Agency
The stories are not always sunny, but you would never know from the warmth produced by star Jill Scott. Plus, let’s not forget her assistant, played to hilarious perfection by Anika Noni Rose. This show is a pure delight, and even when the cases and situations seem heavy, some how you will always end up with a smile on your face.

Runner-Up: Glee
I am worried that this show might fall on the weight of it’s own ambitions, but even though it has come close, it is still a winner. Hilarious and heartbreaking, it is the the very definition of escapism. I dare you to find anyone who has not wished that some of their life’s moments can be expressed through song. Go on, try.

Show I Love but Felt Odd Watching: So You Think You Can Dance, Fall Season
I’m really going to have to blame it on the fall scheduling for this one. From the very moment the judging format changed in the beginning due to the world series, something felt a little off about this season. Not that the performers didn’t try (Legacy, you are a star in my book) it’s just that it felt so out of place. I love this show so I will watch it even if they extend it to the fall again, but I hope they fix whatever made me feel so uncomfortable about this season.

Runner-up: Project Runway
This ones a bit easier to put my finger on. The constant changing of judges made this favorite of mine a little hard to withstand. The inconsistencies in taste were a little hard to watch. So much so I was having Michael Corrs withdrawal. Thankfully, they will be back to N.Y. and hopefully not have many “guest” judges.

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