Nicole Richie to Guest Judge on Project Runway

04 Jan

I just read on that Project Runway will have Nicole Richie on Season 7 as a guest judge. I know a lot of people will blast this apart, but after reading up on her (since although I know some, but not all), she could have actual constructive criticism for the designers. According to the article, she does have her own clothing line, as well as a line of jewelry. So I will leave my judgments until I actually see the episode. Compare this one to the casting of Kelly Osbourne for Dancing With the Stars. I’m sure when a lot of people heard her name, the insults started flying, but then the show premiered and look at what happened: she was actually kind charming, and not a bad dancer. Maybe Richie will be the same. Besides, I’m not one to talk. My best outfit is a Spaced Invaders t-shirt and a pair of long cargo shorts.

Did I ever mention how much I love Project Runway? No, well I do. Just thought I would put that out there.

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Posted by on January 4, 2010 in Nicole Richie, Project Runway


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