Friday Night T.V.

09 Jan

Since it’s really cold out tonight, decided to stay in and watch two shows I haven’t seen in a while: Ghost Whisperer and Medium.

Although not one of my all time favorites, Ghost Whisperer was always a show I enjoyed, especially the lighthearted tone it sometimes takes despite the heavy subjects it deals with. But like many, I kind of lost the love when her husband died and came back in the body of someone else. I was hoping that I could jump right back in to where I left off, but there where too many questions (did Jim become a doctor?) that left me really confused. The story was intriguing though, and I might check it out again.

Medium and I have had a very weird relationship. When it first premiered, I was hooked. It was creepy mixed with some of the most natural domestic scenes I had ever witnessed on T.V. Joe and Allison felt like a real couple, and I loved how her being a Medium wasn’t the sole focus. Yes she was a Medium, but a regular mom/wife as well. But then it would go away until mid-season, and sometimes I would be so hooked on something else that I just let it slip away.

Watching tonight’s episode reminded me why I enjoyed it so much. Patricia Arquette is so appealing as Allison, and Jake Weber is a perfect fit as her husband Joe. Their scenes together are just magical. Plus, the crime story was just the right amount of spooky, and had a neat twist at the end. The shows humor might not be as light as Ghost Whisperer, but it is still very strong, as shown in the final scene. I definitely will put this one back in the dvr rotation.

There you have it, my night with a pair of ghosts. Not a bad way to spend a Friday. : )

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Posted by on January 9, 2010 in Ghost Whisperer, Medium


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