Recap on tonights TV :How I Met Your Mother, Two and a half Men, Big Bang Theory

12 Jan

Tonight was CBS night, and a return of some of my favorite comedies. I know the current trend is towards shows such as 30 Rock and Modern Family, but it’s nice to have a place where you can find a more traditional style of sitcom. Some may complain it’s an old formula, but if it works, then I say keep the formula going. So let us begin. Warning, there might be some spoilers.

How I Met Your Your Mother: I liked the episode, but I feel so cheated. I’m not the biggest Rachel Bilson fan, but my heart jumped when I finally thought we found the mother. But alas, she was only the roommate. At least we are a step closer. I do have to say, for the 100th episode, it just didn’t feel all too memorable, Barney’s suit song aside (NPH is AWESOME).

Two and a Half Men: I often hear it’s a one joke show. But sometimes, it’s a joke told rather well. I enjoyed the Alan/Herb friendship, but honestly, does anyone feel they might as well make Alan gay already. They lean toward it a lot, so it should just become official. Only thing missing was Evelyn. Trust me, it was noticeable.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon as a “Wing Man.” Nuff said. This was hilarious, and the young lady expecting to bed Sheldon was one of the best endings in the shows history. Who knew a Green Lantern lantern and a pair of Hulk hands were sexy (imo)?

Some of the best lines of the night:
“These broncos have been saddled.”
“Hulk agree to second date with puny humans. Hulk sad.”
“Goodnight puny human.”
and of course “I’ll sleep in Leonards room, good night.”

You might see that Accidentaly on Purpose is missing. As I mentioned, when formula works, it’s fantastic. But when it doesn’t….

There you have it. What were your favorite moments tonight? Comment away!!!!


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