Project Runway Recap: 1/14/2010

16 Jan

Okay, I’m a little late in the game, but I’ve been working like a dog this past week and just barely got to the new Runway episode this morning. Let me just say, you can feel the energy back into our favorite reality competion (at least fashion wise). I don’t know if it was the move back to New York, but I got glimpses of the PR that I have loved for so long. So let’s get started.

The Contestants:

A very nicely mixed group, and one with a great amount of personality. Standouts for now(based on personality, not talent) were Anthony, Janeane, Jesus, and Seth. In just the first few minutes, Janeane was crying, Anthony spoke of himself in the third person, and Jesus was already sizing up the competition. Seth, on the other hand, was the first to tell Tim Gunn he was going to continue with his vision despite criticism(it did work for him, more on that later). Can’t forget the loopy Ping. Wow, I don’t even know if I can name this many designers from last season right off the bat like I can now. I thought I was going to hate Anthony, but he made me chuckle more than once. Jesus, to me, is still coming across like the Christian Soriano wannabe, but it is too early to tell, and after all, that could just be his personality.

The Runway:

Okay, so I’m not necessarily the most fashionable person, given my collection of witty t-shirts and endless supply of Old Navy jeans, but I think I can tell what looks good and doesn’t.

Loved,loved, loved that Michael Corrs and Nina Garcia were here. I missed them so. I did wish there were more of Micheal’s trademark quips, but it is still the first episode. As far as the dresses go, Emilio’s stood out to me, and quickly became my favorite. I didn’t really like Seth’s (I’m just not a fan of the table cloth type of material) but it was well done, especially in the back. My least favorite was Christiane’s, which looked like it was just pieced toghether when she ran out of material.

The Winner: Emilio

Out: Christiane

I’m not surprised by this. If I don’t like something, that means the judges will hate it.

Some thoughts:

Nicole Richie was a pretty decent judge. She had a lot of insight and made some really good comments.

As a techical person, I am super jealous of the HP Tablets they get to use as a design tool. They looked soooooooooo sweet. I really, really, really want one (really).

This season is off to a promising start. Let’s hope it can keep up the momentum.

Till next time……..

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