Team Conan or Leno: Stars weigh in

16 Jan

Just to show how crazy this is getting, take a look at some of the stuff celebrities are saying:

Rosie O’Donnell
“Five years ago, [Leno] was told that Conan was going to get the driver’s seat. He had a lot of time to prepare to do something else, and if he felt he still had the goods, he should have been a man and went over to FOX and competed with him directly rather than put himself on at 10 o’clock and really ruin Conan’s chances to begin with. I just think it is an incredibly selfish move and I am Team Conan.”

Patton Oswalt
“Comedians who don’t like Jay Leno now — and I’m one of them — we’re not like, ‘Oh my God, Jay Leno sucks.’ It’s that we’re so hurt and disappointed that one of the best comedians of our generation…willfully shut that switch off. …You almost want to take [Leno] aside and ask him, ‘Why do you want this so badly? Because you don’t do anything with it.'”

Jerry Seinfeld
“I think [The Jay Leno Show] was the right idea at the wrong time, and it was not a bad idea.”

Howard Stern
“It’s finally dawned on Conan that Jay Leno had it in for him the whole time. Crapped all over him. … [Leno] is an evil devil. He’s a horrible, horrible guy. I’ve told you this for years. … And everybody hates Jay now — which is great. I’m all for hating Jay.”

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And if you haven’t already, take a look at this youtube video of Jimmy Kimmel as Jay Leno,

You know, Leno is being made out to be quite the villain in all this. I wonder how much of it is true. I never thought of him like that before, and am not sure how I feel now. I guess I will have to look at his side first before I really make a decision. But I will agree, Conan was getting the raw end of the deal.


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