Hawaii Five-O update ordered by CBS

18 Jan

CBS has greenlighted an update of Hawaii Five-O, according to the article I read on

The original centered around an elite group of the Hawaii state police, and was famous for it’s theme song, as well as the immortal closing line “Book’em Danno.”

Now, I know many will bemoan the idea, especially with reboots of Knight Rider and the Bionic Woman still fresh in some peoples minds, but as usual, I will keep an open mind. After all, when they work, they can be quite exciting (Star Trek, Battlestar Galatica) and can delve a little deeper than the original.

It’s a tough trick, these updates and reboots. You have to try to keep the flavor of the source while making your own mark. Plus, you have die hard fans on your case about every little detail and if you make a wrong step, well, you all know the rest.

It almost makes you just want to come up with original ideas.

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Posted by on January 18, 2010 in Hawaii Five-O


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