My DVR Moment of Last Week

26 Jan

This weeks honor goes out to The Big Bang Theory, which had me laughing consistently, but none more so than seeing Sheldon trapped by his own security system, and no longer the master of his own bladder.

Runner-up: Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries. I’m still on team Stefan, but there was a kind of sweetness to their interaction, even if Damon has something up his sleeve. Just when you think our favorite bad boy vamp has gone soft, he cold heartedly (I guess there isn’t any other way with a vamp) kills Gina Torres’s character for tipping off Lexi’s boyfriend to his whereabouts. As I have said before, I can’t wait to see where this is going.

Second Runner Up: Finally a challenge on Project Runway that is a challenge to creativity and provided a little drama. Not only did the designers have to create an outfit out of a burlap sack, they were also hand selected by the models. So naturally, someone gets a little po’d.

Missed moment: An NPH directed episode of How I Met Your Mother. And I call myself a fan. For shame.


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