CBS rejects Gay Dating Sites Ad for Superbowl

30 Jan

I know this isn’t the usual T.V. news, but I thought I would talk about this article I found on the TVGuide website: CBS Rejects Gay Dating Site’s Super Bowl Ad

Earlier this week they ran into some controversy with a pro-choice ad that angered some women’s groups. This time around they passed on an advertisement from Mancrunch (I absolutely love, love, love the name) because it is “not within the Networks broadcast standards for Superbowl Sunday.” From a business standpoint, I can see where this came from, especially when you take into consideration the flack that ABC got from the whole AMA/Adam Lambert fiasco. However, I refuse to believe that the network that gives us fine, family friendly programming such as Two and a Half Men( a show I will admit I do enjoy) has a leg to stand on if their decision was based on any type of moral standpoint. What I think, and this is just my opinion, is that they are afraid to piss off the supposed macho guys that are watching with their beer guzzling buddies, and a possible loss of revenue from more conservative companies. It’s a money game, and sadly, being truly moral sometimes loses out.

Now, to be fair to both sides, if their decision was based on the quality of the ad, then that is a different story. Superbowl ads tend to be very high stakes and well produced, and any ad offered up would have a high bar to reach. After doing a search on youtube I was able to find the a video that claims to be the ad, I’m just too tired to look right now to give a fair assessment.

Honestly though, I really do hope that CBS wasn’t letting fear cloud their judgment. I’ll just have to wait and see until I actually take a look at the ad more closely. If you choose, you can watch below.

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Posted by on January 30, 2010 in CBS, Mancrunch


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