My DVR Moment of Last Week

08 Feb

Hands down, this weeks honor goes to The Good Wife and the fabulous Julianna Margulies. Her final scene with an appropriately creepy and excellent Dylan Baker, in which the notions of trust and appearance are called into question, left me with chills. There’s a reason why she keeps winning the recent string of awards folks, and if she has more scenes like that, Magulies could continue in the future.

Runner-up: Meg Returns Home on Family Guy

I don’t know if I could explain the sight of a totally different Meg walking into her home after spending three months in jail, so I’ll just let the video below do it for me. Viewer discretion is advised for some foul language.

Missed Moment: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino at the Grammy’s. I tune in and out of this ceremony every so often, but I would have loved to have seen if he lived up to Reality King comment that was made a while back. Anyone know where I can find the video?


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