My DVR Moment of Last Week – 2/14/2010

14 Feb

Spoilers might be ahead, be warned! This weeks top honor goes to the Vampire Diaries for finally showing someone that can bring Damon to his knees. No, it wasn’t his trapped inside the church (or was she?) Katherine, it was Bonnie’s Grams (played by Jasmine Guy), a seasoned witch that dropped Damon to the ground with one mean, icy stare. The icing on the cake? “I’m not Bonnie, you don’t wanna mess with me,” she growls. Unfortunately we may never see Grams again, but with a supernatural show, you just never know.

Runner-Up: Two and a Half Men and the unfortunate incident with Charlie and the baby carriage. Yes, it was gross and tasteless, but it was also unexpected, and gave Evelyn a chance to console Charlie the only way she can. (“Don’t worry, we’ve all been there” Classic).

Missed Moment: Apollo Ohno  makes history.


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