My DVR Moment of the Week: 2/21/10

21 Feb

Due to traveling and other circumstances, my T.V. viewing was very limited this past week. However, crawling out of my T.V. cave did allow me to see a very funny comic who you might recognize as a regular on Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia (and no, it’s not Carlos for those that love to state the obvious): Brad Williams. Trust me when I saw this guy is hilarious. If you ever get a chance to see him perform (the schedule is on the link the I provided) go do it. You’ll be laughing the whole entire night. I’ll post some pics of that night either here or on twitter later.

Now, on to the clip: American Dad has been doing some strange stories this past season (anyone remember the Rapture episode?), and their special Valentine was no exception. Stan from the future(who is now a cyborg)travels to the past in order to train present Stan for an upcoming war. However, what present Stan does not realize is that future Stan is really there to steal away Francine, whom Stan has always taken for granted. Their fight at Hershey Town (I think that’s what they call it) and the poor worker that gets in their way (plus a funny surprise) takes this weeks honor. Watch below and enjoy!


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