The Sarah Palin Show???

04 Mar

Well, I guess after you criticize a network for one joke on a particular program, the next step is to pitch a show to them. Sarah Palin and Survivor creator Mark Burnett are reportedly shopping around a new reality series that will focus on Palin’s home state of Alaska. The show will  reportedly  be a “Planet Earth” style creation, which will feature the Palin family.They have already visited Fox (home of Family Guy), ABC, and CBS, and will later visit NBC.

I know people criticize President Obama for always being on T.V.(he’s going to honor America’s Most Wanted this Saturday, though honestly, for a show like that to have been on for 1,000 episodes and which brings so many to justice, I think it is fitting for the president to do so)  but I feel we can safely say the same about Palin. In a short amount of time she has become a guest correspondent for Fox News, appeared on The Tonight Show, and now this. Plus, as mentioned above, she was all over the media with the whole Family Guy thing, and also had some beef with David Letterman that was very well publicized. If other politicians are this way, I’m beginning to realize why it is taking forever to get things done. Hopefully they start to remember that they are not rock/movie/T.V. stars and set out to make good on their promises. Well, I think that’s enough of my soapbox for now.


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