Project Runway Mini-Recap 3/4/2010

05 Mar

I’m a little upset this week. I think the wrong person went home. No offense to the one that stayed, you are just as talented as the one that left, but I feel your outfit really missed the mark more for this challenge. But what we see on T.V. may not necessarily be what they see on the runway. Oh well, on with the recap!

I’m not going to get too descriptive on what happened before the runway show, since that’s basically what people watch for, but the gist of this weeks challenge was to create an outfit and an accessory out of materials found in a hardware store. I always love those types of challenges. It gives a chance to see who truly has an imagination as opposed to someone that can’t quite think on their feet. I also like seeing if anyone can make anything that looks like a real outfit (which actually happened, more on that below).

My top 3 was almost identical to the judges, however I think I would have placed Anthony (whose design they hated. I don’t know why. Making something pretty out of hardware sounds difficult to me, and he actually achieved it) over Maya’s. I didn’t dislike Maya’s. I just wasn’t into the coat as much as the judges were. I do agree with picking Jay as the winner. His outfit actually achieved the look he wanted (garbage bags that look like leather pants and a belt. Now that’s talent!) and really had the feel of something that could be worn about town. Jesse, Emilio and Anthony were at the bottom for making, respectively, a Hershey kiss, a cheesy showgirl bikini, and a bad prom dress(gotta love Michael Corrs). In the end, Jesse was out, leaving Emilio to go for another week.

I think Emilio is talented, but he would have been my choice to go home this time. The outfit wasn’t an outfit and totally missed the point of the challenge. The idea to do something different was great, but the execution was just not there. Hopefully next time he can do something really spectacular. My recommendation: make sure you buy enough material, and if you know you are going to overspend, pick something else.

What do you all think? Did the right person win? Was the wrong person sent home? Or do you just not care? Comment away!

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