My DVR Moment of the Week

07 Mar

This weeks top choice goes to Project Runway and the judges for completely missing the mark this week. Jesse’s dress may not have been a good look, however in terms of totally messing up the challenge, Emilio took a bigger risk with an even worse payoff. Now I’m not going against their critiques (which you can see below), I just think in terms of overall product, they sent the wrong person home. Hopefully Jesse can take this a stepping stone and turn into a name to truly watch out for. I’m rooting for you!!!

Jesse’s Extended Critique

Runner-up: Raj and his sound effects T-shirt on the Big Bang Theory. There were so man funny moments, including Sheldon’s meeting and ultimate restraining order with Stan Lee, but this is the one that had me laughing the hardest.

Missed Moment: Alicia’s husband returns home on The Good Wife. Luckily I still have it saved.


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