Acadamy Awards Recap

08 Mar

 This will be updated as the show goes on and on and on:

Opening Highlights

NPH!!!! Now that’s just awesome!!!

Steve Martin gets a nice intro from Alec Baldwin. His reply: “And this is Alec Baldwin.”

“That Damn Helen Mirren” “Steve that’s DAME Helen Mirren.”

I think Steve Martin just referenced “The Jerk.”

I now wonder what James Cameron looks like in 3-D.

“Who doesn’t like Sandra Bullock?” “Tonight we’ll find out.”


First winner up: Christoph Waltz, Supporting Actor, Inglorious Bastards. My heart just skipped a beat.

Up wins Best Animated Feature. It’s become my favorite animated film to date, so I am ecstatic.

The Hurt Locker wins Best Original Screenplay.

Wow, Molly Ringwald is on stage with Matthew Broderick for a John Hughes tribute.

I so wanna see Logorama now, winner Best Animated Short.

Ben Stiller so belonged in Avatar!!! I agree Ben, that is much cooler than the Spock ears. Kind of fizzled out at the end though, it seemed. Still a good entrance.

Now I’m debating whether or not I should pause and get my laundry done. If I do, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of live tv?

Precious gets Best Adapted Screenplay. Geoffrey Fletcher seems genuinely touched, and it’s contagious. Steve Martin: “I wrote that speech for him.” Just read off of Michael Moore’s Twitter Page that he is the first African American to have won it in the 82 year history. Yes, I am multi-tasking.

Robin Williams is on announcing the Supporting Actress Nominees. My stomach is in knots.

WOOHOO!!! Mo’Nique takes the Oscar!!!! Another moving speech.

Just read on Twitter that Meryl Streep is wearing a dress made by Project Runway’s Chris March. I wonder if that is true. If it is, way to go Chris!!!

I haven’t seen Paranormal Activity, but I still found that bit funny.

Love watching those horror clips. I think I should revisit some of those that they showed, though I’m really not sure all of them counted as horror.

Dance Interpretations always boggle my mind.

A two person snuggie. I so need one. I’m also doing laundry, but decided not to pause, so I’m running all over the place.

Jeff Bridges wins Best Actor for Crazy Heart and gets a standing ovation. I am joining in. (Haven’t seen it yet, but do like him.)

Even if she doesn’t win, Gabourey Sidibe got one of the best intros I have ever heard.

I’m literally at the edge of my seat.

SANDRA BULLOCK WON!!!! I am on my feet with everyone else!!! I just adore her, and she reached out to her fellow nominees, which makes me love her more. Great speech. Take that Razzies!!! 

Kathryn Bigelow has just made history as the first female director to win an Oscar!!!

The Hurt Locker has just won Best Picture. Way to go Kathryn Bigelow!!!! She had to come right back to accept the award again. I wonder if she was expecting that?

Closing: “The show is so long, Avatar now takes place in the past.” -Steve Martin

For my short list of winners click here.

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