My Top 2 True Blood Characters to Go

18 Mar

In a previous post, I mentioned that Alan Ball teased that a major character was going to die this season on True Blood, so I thought I would take it upon myself to make a few guesses as to who that just might be. Since I tend to be very fond of the residents of Bon Temps, it was very hard for me to do so. Plus, I haven’t read the books yet, so any possible spoilers are lost on me, but I’ve been told the show sometimes takes some detours, so we can’t necessarily count on them all the time. But alas, after much torture, here are my top choices:

1. Arlene, played by Carrie Preston. I read that she is going to guest star on several episodes of The Good Wife, and that her character is not featured too much in the third book, so that makes her the most logical choice.  But logic sometimes doesn’t pan out in the True Blood universe, so there is a strong chance I could be wrong.

2. Jessica, played by Deborah Ann Woll. Don’t get me wrong. I love this character, and the Hoyt/Jessica storyline struck a stronger chord with me than Sookie and Bill. But if Godric taught us anything is that many strong characters can be brought in only to be taken away. Plus, the final scene with her feeding off the trucker makes me believe that a trip to the darkside is near, and she may have to be put down (wouldn’t it be something if it was by Hoyt?)

What do you think?  Do they seem to be the best choices, or am I totally off?


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