Vampire Diaries Returns Tonight

25 Mar

In honor of the return of the Vampire Diaries, I decided to do a power ranking of the my favorite characters, each with some pro’s and con’s. Let us begin:

5. Caroline: The Brat with a Heart of Gold (well, possibly)
Pro: Caroline does tend to get a lot of good lines, and is often able to do favors for Damon that only humans can do.
Con: She’s often used as the one Damon can manipulate, and it all seems just a bit too easy. I’d love to see what would happen if she ever told him no.

4. Bonnie – The Witch
Pro: She is really coming into her own as a witch, and I enjoy how they are making it kind of gradual.
Con: Sometimes gradual can be a little too gradual. I do wanna see just a tad more, but not too much.

3. Damon – The Bad Boy Vamp
Pro: Damon is a terrific character, with so many shades to his ever growing appeal. He can make you hate him one moment, while letting out a gentle sigh the next.
Con: Sometimes I feel they are a bit schizophrenic with his character, one moment he seems so sweet, and then bam, he’s evil again. But of course, that is part of the appeal.

2. Stefan – The Sensitive Vamp
Pro: At first he seemed kind of a wimpy bore, but the writer’s have shown his strong, devoted side, which finally turned him into the heartthrob we all knew he could be.
Con: A little angst can sometimes go a long way.

1. Elena – The Love
Pro: At first she also seemed like someone trapped in her own angst, but Elena has quickly evolved into a very spunky spit-fire. She may be surrounded by supernatural things she doesn’t understand, you won’t see her just lie back and take it.
Con: The Katherine scenes (which I LOVE) sometimes overshadow the Elena ones. Not that I’m complaining.

So what do you think of the list? Do you agree or disagree? Comment away!


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