Project Runway: Bye Bye Anthony

28 Mar

I know I made a big fuss when Jesse was auf’d a few weeks ago, but I really do think the judges got it wrong this time. Maybe I am basing this on personality more than talent, but no one can deny that a little spark left this week, and although there are is some bitchiness left in the mix (I do mean that in a good way) it just won’t be the same.

The Challenge: Design your own print.

Using those wonderful HP tablets (I am still soooooo jealous) the remaining designers were asked to design their own print which would then be transferred into their own fabric. I don’t think that’s ever been done before on Runway, it was really neat to see the combination of fashion and technology (a connection I would have never made on my own.) There were some interesting choices, such as Jonathon’s, Anthony’s and Mila’s, some bizarre (Emilio’s “branding” of his initials. I almost died when Tim Gunn asked if the SA stood for Seth Aaron)and others were rather bold (Mya, who is still reeling from not having won a challenge)

On the runway, the judges admired Seth Aaron’s and Mya’s prints, while totally falling in love with Emilio’s gamble. Jonathon, Mila, and Anthony disappointed, and ended up in the bottom three.

Winner: Emilio
Out: Anthony

I can’t say I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed. I know that playing it safe is never a good thing, but you have to admit that Anthony seemed to create pieces that could easily be worn by anyone off the street. Perhaps that didn’t show growth in the judges eyes, and as Mila put it,  it might be difficult when creating a collection. On the flip side, Jonathon always seemed to go over the top, and even when going simple as with his print, it still came across as too conceptual. I guess the judges had to go with who they felt could make a Bryant park collection, and someone with vision will always over take simplicity. However, if you wanted to go with who totally bombed on the challenge, as it should be, then the one that should have gone home was Mila. Her print was boring and did not reflect what the challenge was about. Plus, the construction was horrible, and didn’t even allow her model to walk properly down the runway. But I’m not Michale Corr’s, so I can’t send her home. (Though I do like to think I am just as quippy.)

Although he kept things lively, I was getting a little annoyed at all the third person references (I think I stopped counting around 5) but I am still sad to see him go. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last we will hear from Anthony.


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