Charlie Sheen off of Two and a Half Men????

02 Apr

Straight from People: Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men

According to the article, sources say Sheen’s contract is up this season, and he has decided not to renew. The reason: he is just done. Men is the current top-rated sitcom, and it is still unclear if the show will continue without him. CBS has yet to make a statement, claiming that they do not comment on contract issues. However, a source close to the show stated that negotiations are still going on, and nothing has been decided yet. This is yet another challenge in a very rocky year for both Sheen and Men, which includes production being halted earlier this year due to Sheen’s stint in rehab after his alleged domestic violence charge.

If this is true, I really don’t think the show can go on without him. Not that I don’t believe in Jon Cryer’s talent, but the whole point of the show is the dynamic between the two. Take away one brother, and you really don’t have much left. However, if Sheen needs the time to get his act together, then maybe that is for the best. I just feel for all those behind the scenes that will be affected if the show gets canceled. Hopefully they will all be able to find something else if the show does cease.

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