Project Runway Recap: Hello Anthony!

02 Apr

Last time we said good-bye to Anthony, but this week brought a nice surprise. On with the recap.

Seth Aaron remarks that things are definitely quieter without Anthony, and you know what, it really does look that way.  They seem too calm in the men’s apartment. Where’s the singing and loud, third person references? On the womens side, Maya is stressing, and feels that although she has done well, there is still so much for someone her age to learn. I think that takes great strength to recognize something like that. Not everyone is a wonder kid like Christian Soriano, however I do feel Maya did show great potential.

On the runway, Heidi announces that the designers will be working a red carpet look for a very difficult celebrity, which turned out to be none other than Heidi! That would just rack my nerves, and unfortunately for Maya, the pressure became too much. After a long talk with Tim, and the camera showing her empty space while the others were sketching away, Maya became the first designer in project runway history to  quit the show. All the designers are stunned, as is the audience (well, at least the one in my house.) This means that someone needs to be brought back in order to even the playing field. Guess who?????? Lets just say the third person references are back in full force. Time wise, all the designers are stressing, and Jonathon even redid his dress three times.

At the runway, the designers are treated to a celebrity judge: Jessica Alba. I”m not a fan of her acting, but fashion wise, this girl is usually flawless. Everyone seems happy with their work (save Jonathon, but that was to be expected. Anthony and Emilio end up in the top two, while Mila, Seth Aaron, Jay and Jonathon are left at the bottom, with Jay and Jonathon deemed the worst. In a surprise twist, we get not one, but two winners in Emilio and Anthony, and Jonathon gets auf’d.

My thoughts: I’m so happy Anthony came back. He brings a certain amount of levity that cuts through the bitchy, making the drama bearable. I also wasn’t a fan of the mermaid dress Emilio created, but I’m not the one who was going to wear it, Heidi is, so it really doesn’t matter what I think. What do you think? Did the right person go home? Were you sad to see Maya go? Were you happy to have Anthony back?


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