My DVR Moment of the Week

05 Apr

There are so many reasons to love The Vampire Diaries, but they have just given me one more: Kelly Hu as Pearl. Here I thought Bonnie’s Grams was the only person that could bring Damon to his knees “I’ve got 400 years on you, little boy,” she sneers right before gouging his eyes with her fingers. She’s right, she does have more power, but so did Lexie, and we all know what happened to her(if you don’t, I suggest you check out the “169 Candles” episode.) Mystic Falls might be getting a little full at this point, but if they keep bringing on the uber-vamps like Miss Pearl, I don’t think I will mind too much.

Runner-up: Anthony’s return on Project Runway. Although it meant losing Maya (who surprisingly quit) his entrance brought back a ray of sun that I was worried we would never see again. Not only did he get to come back, he won the challenge. If you are gonna come back, come back big, and no one came back bigger than Anthony.

Missed Moment: I always try to see the Ten Commandments as an Easter tradition, but unfortunately some last minute errands kept me away. Oh well, that’s what DVD’s are for.


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