Dancing with the Stars Mini-Recap

06 Apr

The Stars and Pros were asked to create a story through dance without the stuff that makes Len angry. Did anyone succeed? Let’s find out.

Evan and Ana – Quickstep
I enjoy watching Evan dance, and he didn’t disappoint. I do agree with Len. He does wonderful work, but needs to work on polishing up a bit.
Score: 26

Buzz and Ashley- Waltz
Buzz has oodles of personality, and there was something very elegant about this dance. I enjoyed it, but not for the technical aspects, which unfortunately are not there.
Score: 13

Jake and Chelsie- Quickstep

I love the song, Walk Like an Egyptian, and it somehow worked for the quickstep. I was a little bored, but I loved the prop use.
Score: 21

Neicy and Louis- Waltz
I love watching her dance, and this was no exception. Except for a minor stumble, she was elegant, and managed to tell the story without a large prop.
Score: 21

Chad and Cheryl- Paso Doble
He had fire, but still needs to work on his moves. It was a an improvement though. Hopefully Cheryl can work her magic.
Score: 20

Pamela and Damien- Paso Doble
How she ended up in the bottom two last week is beyond me. And if she ends up there again with this dance, then something is definitely wrong. She had fire, passion, and technique. Not a bad combination.
Score: 21

Aiden and Edyta– Quickstep
He has improved, but is still a bit stiff out there. He is moving in the right direction though.
Score: 20

Erin and Maks– Waltz
She did a blindfolded waltz (though some of my friends thought they saw two holes in the eyes) and really put her trust in Maks. I thought it was well done, and think she is really moving up as a contender.
Score: 23

Kate and Tony – Paso Doble
It was a great song choice, but the emotion just wasn’t there. I would have assumed singing about the Paparazzi would have ignited something, but maybe her nerves are still getting to her. Like Carrie Ann, I was a little weirded out watching it.
Score: 15

Nicole and Derek- Quickstep
It was bouncy, fun, and wonderful to watch. Too bad it wasn’t a quickstep. Derek, what were you thinking?

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