My Dancing with the Stars Twitter Recap

13 Apr

I decided to Tweet the entire time I watched, so I thought I would share them as a recap. Unfortunately it is in reverse order, so you’ll have to start at the bottom. Let me know what you think. Some thoughts that weren’t on Twitter: The band really butchered Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment. Hmmm, I guess that was the only one.

tvguy956: Pamela Anderson also had her best dance. Sexy and beautiful. It was magic. 47 out of 60.

tvguy956: Len told Pamela to keep it out of the bedroom. With that outfit, I’m sure that’s all anyone can picture.
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 12:32 AM

tvguy956: That’s some ring on Cheryl’s finger. Chad has some taste.

tvguy956: Chad just did his best dance so far as well. Long way to go as well, but he’s also headed the right way.

tvguy956: Kate got a 32 out of 60. Higher than expected.

tvguy956: What I mean is she was actually MOVING. Good job. Now work on the technique. Long way to go, but a step in the right direction.

tvguy956: I will hand it to Kate this once, I think she fought hard this week.

tvguy956: OMG, did Tony just bring Jon into it????

tvguy956: Again, the judging was wrong!!!! Len is so grumpy.

tvguy956: Nicole may be considered a “ringer,” but she is so elegant to watch.

tvguy956: I have never disagreed with the judges more than now. I thought Niecy did a beautiful job.

tvguy956: I just love Neicy Nash.

tvguy956: No one spoil it for me please!!!

tvguy956: Watching DWTS, Evan got 52 out of 60 for an awesome performance.

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