My DVR Moment of the Week, 3/18/2010

18 Apr

So many to choose from, but hands down, the moment goes to the return of Glee and the amazing Jane Lynch. Her performance of “Vogue” may not have had much to do with the plot (more connected to this week’s “Power of Madonna” episode), but that didn’t make it any less fun.

The return of the “Evil Will Wheaton” on The Big Bang Theory. His manipulations caused Penny to break up with Leonard, leading the boys to lose a bet with Stuart and appear in Superheroine drag at the Comic Book Store. When I saw the picture of Raj as Catwoman, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. His empowered line was one of the best in the entire episode.

Second Runner-up: Drunk Stefan on the Vampire Diaries. Too bad it didn’t cure the urge to feed. And an memo to the producers: You’ve just got David Anders. Don’t you dare mess it up like Heroes did.

Missed Moment:
I’m still behind on Project Runway. The finale is this week, so I better catch up fast.


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