Dancing with the Stars 5th Elimination

21 Apr

Before we get to the elimination, I thought I would start with my encore dance choice, and I’m glad the judges agreed: Jake and Chelsea’s Cha Cha to Risky Business

  Wow, for the first time fan favorite (Tom’s words, not mine) Kate Gosselin is in the bottom two. Chad and Cheryl, Pamela and Damien, as well Jake and Chelsea (I guess dancing without pants didn’t work. With a body like that, color me shocked) were put in jeopardy. Thankfully, Jake and Chelsea were safe along with Chad and Cheryl, which put Pamela and Damien in the bottom two with Kate and Tony. So who did America send home? Surprise of surprises, Kate and Tony are leaving the dance floor. Putting my feelings of her aside, this was actually a very touching send off. Because of that, I think I will actually keep my snarky comments to myself for once. Well, until she shows up somewhere else. Then all bets are off.


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