The New Adventures of Old Christine and the Prius

22 Apr

What do a CBS sitcom that I enjoy and Toyota have in common? They combined their efforts to make the worst product placement this side of Heroes (anyone remember the Nissan Versa and Rogue fitting prominently into the plot?) Okay, I realize it’s going to happen, and even my favorite shows, which this one is, won’t escape it. But it makes my heart sink to see a big Toyota-thon banner in the background, especially knowing that it is a real event. But you know what, I might have let that slip. However, once the salesman went on about the new features in the Prius, I knew I just couldn’t take anymore. Thank goodness for the scenes with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Eric McCormack, or else the entire episode would have been lost. If only Wanda Sykes was there. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

It’s not that I am against advertising. I do understand it’s purpose, but sometimes it can be overkill. Take going to the movies. Not only do we have to sit through previews (which I actually do enjoy) but for the past few years commercials have taken up valuable time as well.

If you think about it, I guess advertisers feel they no longer have a choice, especially after the invention of the DVR. People can basically skip commercials now, which are a big part of advertising. Although I understand, I don’t necessarily agree. People watch T.V. to relax, and that can’t happen if the good storytelling takes a back seat to sales. So please, networks and advertisers, listen to your viewers. Cut back on the lame product placements and focus more on putting out a quality product. In these tough times, it’s the least you can do.


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