Dancing with the Stars Season 11- My View

22 Sep

Here are a few thoughts on this weeks Dancing With the Stars, Season 11 Premiere:

The Biggest Surprise: Kyle Massey

I kept forgetting he was even on this time around, but did he make an impression or what. I knew he would have the performance down, but who knew the steps would come with it. Great job all around.

The One I Was Hoping Would Be a Great Surprise: Margaret Cho

I give her credit for trying to do something comedic and unconventional, but I agree with the judges; her first few steps showed so much promise, I was a little saddened when she decided to go another route.

The Over Use of Their Trademark Award: The Situation

I was hoping he would use his charisma more, and although I understand he only had five days of rehearsal, it just seemed like he was hoping his fist pumping would get him through.

And the One Who Was Sent Home: The Hoff

Hoff, I really thought you had this one. But after watching, I think sending you home was the right thing for America to do.

Best Dance Overall: Jennifer Grey

I’ll just let this one speak for itself.


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One response to “Dancing with the Stars Season 11- My View

  1. Anne

    September 22, 2010 at 1:45 am

    Agree completely! My faves are Jennifer, Kyle, Brandy, Audrina and Bristol. Audrina and Bristol only because of their partners. I have hope for Margaret. I miss Edyta!!


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