Whatever’s On Blu-ray: Disneynature’s Oceans

21 Oct

Article first published as Blu-ray Review: Oceans on Blogcritics.

I remember as a young child being fascinated by the ocean. It seemed so vast, so mysterious, so wondrous that I knew one day it would be my job to explore every inch of. My dreams of oceanography never really did take shape, but my love and curiosity have not faded one bit, which is why I rejoice every time a movie like Disneynature’s Oceans comes along. Movies like this take me to places I have never been, but can still enjoy from the comfort of my own home. Sometimes they can even make me feel as if I am actually there.

In that sense, the Blu-ray of Oceans succeeds in more ways than one. Creatures of various shapes, sizes, and colors dance across the TV with such clarity and beauty, it is as if the viewer can simply reach out and feel every last one of them right through their screen. Yes, the visuals lack a certain cohesive narrative, which may make the pace feel slightly sluggish, however co-directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud certainly know how to capture some amazing sites, both in and out of the water.

Standouts include a tense race to the water by newly hatched sea turtles as seagulls dive for a quick meal, divers swimming side by side with great white sharks, and a feeding scene that includes birds diving straight into the water for unsuspecting fish. Though these are well captured, the quieter moments also lend themselves to great astonishment, as when a Spanish dancer sea slug gently glides across the screen. It may not be a momentous sight, but it certainly does leave an impression.

Bonus features on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack include: a nifty interactive menu that literally lets you search the globe for more information regarding the many wonderful creatures shown, as well as excerpts from the filmmakers and experts; the music video “Make a Wave” featuring Joe Jonas and Demi Levato; and “Disney and Nature: Preserving the World We Share,” which showcases Disney’s efforts to conserve nature.

Oceans is a gorgeous, thrilling look into a world we seldom see, and is thoroughly enhanced by the Blu-ray experience.

Oceans is currently available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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