TV’s Top Moments: Oct. 24th-30th

31 Oct

Warning, this may contain some spoilers, so if you have something still stuck in your DVR that is on here, please don’t read further. Once you’ve seen it, then please go ahead : )

Best WTF Moment: Project Runways Winner


After two hours of a tame reunion, backstage worry, and some interesting looks, Project Runway ends it’s strongest season since it’s move to Liftetime by naming Gretchen Jones the winner over quirky Mondo Guerra, who was my pick to win. Granted, both are talented, but Gretchen seemed to play it safe more often than not, while Mondo always dared to play with prints and color, and was never boring, even in his off days. No offense to Jones, but this was the first time I didn’t clap with glee once the show was over. Which is a shame, because after stumbling out the gate, I was glad to see the show back in top form. I just hope they don’t lose viewers with what will certainly be a polarizing decision.

Best Costume: Cougar Town’s Laurie and Ellie


Laurie (Busy Phillips) takes a lot of insults, mostly from mean-sprited Ellie (Krista Miller.) After one insult too many, Laurie decides on the perfect Halloween costume: Ellie. However, great minds think alike because Ellie shows up in full blonde wig, ready to “get her drink on” as Laurie. Both played each other quite well, but the hands down winner goes to Phillips, who nailed Miller’s mannerisms.

Best Overall Episode: The Vampire Diaries – “Masquerade”


This show has always moved at the speed of lightening, introducing characters, killing them off (Mason, we hardly knew you) and moving from one story line to the next. The second season hasn’t let up the pace any, and quickly brought the Katherine arc to a brief halt (hopefully not for good, if only to see Nina Dobrev play naughty in her amazing double performance as Elena/Katherine.) But that wasn’t until the latest cliff-hanger, which once again puts Elena in harms way from an unknown stranger. Perhaps Damon should have listened before he completely sealed off Katherine for good.



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