TV’s Top Moments: November 14th thru 20th

21 Nov

As I lay here sick in bed, I figured why not go over the best moments that my DVR captured for this week. Again, some spoilers might be around, so read at your own risk!

Best Moment: The Big Bang Theory’s Kiss Heard Round the World


Well, there was no denying Raj and Howard have had chemistry in the past, so why not let them show it. Ok, just kidding about that part, but Howard diving in to block Raj from kissing Bernadette was hands down one of the shows best moments.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Best Scene Stealer – Rico Rodriguez – Modern Family


Manny (Rico Rodriguez) has always been wise beyond his years, but really wasn’t aware until step-father Jay (Ed O’Neill) let him on that secret. What resulted was a hilarious attempt to “recapture” his childhood, complete with mixing soda’s and floating around the pool in a giant island float. None of this would have been remotely funny without the timing of Rico Rodriguez, who as an actor also shows great gifts beyond his years.

Best Overall Episode: Hawaii Five-O


Hawaii Five-O started with a bang, and I was worried that perhaps the momentum wouldn’t sustain throughout the whole season. I was wrong. This week they delivered what I feel is there best episode, thanks to a tense scene that trapped our favorite team inside a house, while snipers with night vision goggles loomed outside. Original, maybe not. But still well done.

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