TV’s Top Moments: November 21st thru 27th

28 Nov

Well, here we are again. Another week, another great round of television. Here are a few top moments from the grab bag that is my DVR. If you don’t like spoilers, beware!! If you do, then read on!

Best Plot Twist: The Walking Dead

Not all is as it seems

After going back for the bag of guns, our group of survivors comes across what appears to be a group of gang bangers who want the guns all for themselves, and take Glen hostage until they get exactly what they want. After a tense standoff, an elderly woman walks onto the scene and reveals exactly what is going on: the hideout is actually an old folks home whose staff, except for a couple of sympathetic souls, fled once the zombies attack, and the “gang members” are actually the remaining staff and relatives of the patients. I was totally blindsided with this one, which made possibly villainous characters into everyday heroes.

Saddest Exit: Glee

Will Kurt be back?

Sure, we know it might not be for long, but seeing Kurt announce that he was leaving McKinley High for Dalton Academy had me just as stunned as the Glee Club itself. It was a truly sad, powerful moment in what I consider the best storyline this year. I am just praying it all ends well.

Best Overall Episode: The Cleveland Show


Okay, some may think this one pales in comparison to its predecessor Family Guy, but sometimes Cleveland shows some inspired lunacy all it’s own, none more so when the focus is on Cleveland’s son, Cleveland Jr. This time, after being made fun of for being fat, Junior, along with obese neighbor Darla, decide to form a group for fat people’s rights. When that fails, they run off to a land where fat people are welcome with mugs of butter with cheese on top: Wisconsin. One can argue that Family Guy tackled that story already, however the sight of Junior in a shirt with the words “fat chicks” printed across his chest puts this episode in a league all of its own.

What were your favorite moments?

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