TV’s Top Moments: December 5th thru 11th

11 Dec

Closer to the Holidays, I figured why not a Christmas themed best of this week. Enjoy!!!


Best New Character that is Really Growing on Me – Coach Beiste, Glee

Anytime a popular show brings on new characters, there is a chance they won’t work (Heroes, I’m still looking at you), however the new McKinley High football coach is one that really does. Warmly played by Dot-Marie Jones, she fits right in with Glee’s band of misfits, and hopefully Jones will one day be added to the growing list of regulars.

Best Sight Gag – The Simpsons

I used to love The Simpsons. A lot. But as the years have gone by, it’s flown off my radar. However, this year I was able to catch the Christmas episode, and to my delight, got a chance to see this classic family in puppet (or perhaps more appropriately muppet) form. The details were perfect, right down to the old men on the balcony. Add in a raunchy Katy Perry cameo (could this be a dig at Sesame Street?) and you’ve got quite a classic moment.

Best Holiday Attitude – Sue Heck, The Middle

Trapped in an igloo, the Heck children try to figure out a way to fight back. Sue, being full of positive spirit, decides to go out and use the power of Christmas. Out she steps, ready to sing, only to be welcomed with snowballs. It may not have worked out, but deep down, I know everyone wishes it had.

Best Overall Episode – Community, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

It was a daring risk, but one that paid off handsomely, Community’s stop-motion animated episode is destined to become a holiday classic. Or at least, it deserves to be.

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