Whatever’s on Blu-ray: Knight and Day

12 Dec

Article first published as Blu-ray Review: Knight and Day on Blogcritics.

Knight and Day was released on Blu-ray/DVD November 30th, and stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in an action packed spectacle that is just as charming as it is thrilling. Diaz stars as June, a woman who feels she simply has not lived life to fullest. All that changes when she gets on a plane also boarded by Roy Miller (Cruise). Miller is a charming stranger with really big secret: he is a former agent who might have been framed by fellow spy Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) and is now considered rogue.

June meets Miller at the airport, and is bumped from a flight that would have put the two of them together. Fitzgerald sees them interact, and decides to have June board with Miller. They are instantly drawn to each other, and as June retreats to the bathroom to debate if she should take things further, Miller is attacked and kills everyone on the plane. June returns, and is now connected to Miller and his mission which involves protecting  a valuable new energy source and it’s young inventor (Paul Dano), who happens to be in Cruise’s protection. Together, they must find a way to clear Miller’s name and expose Fitzgerald. Small town June is thrilled to be going on such a globetrotting adventure, but is still unsure if Miller is actually the man of her dreams, or her worst nightmare.

The Movie

Granted, anyone reading the above description might feel that the movie sounds a bit far-fetched, and you know what? They would be right. The plot is preposterous; however the movie itself is fully aware of this, and opts for a mix of laughs and action. Does it succeed? Yes it does, very much so.

Director James Mangold also certainly knows how to stage an action shot, and deftly blends the comedy with the more intense moments. Even the budding romance between June and Roy is believable, thanks in part to very charming performances from Diaz and Cruise. Cruise, in particular, is very charismatic, and reminds us why he is one of the biggest stars around. Anyone else might not have succeeded so well, and Cruise pulls the role off nimbly.

The Picture

What I loved best about the movie were the vast locales. Not only do we see Boston, but are also treated to a global feast. The Blu-ray does not disappoint in this respect, from the urban backdrop of Boston to the eye-popping colors of Spain, everything is presented clearly and never appears blurred or washed out.

The Sound

The sound, recorded in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, also works well for the film. The action level is well done, and draws in you completely. Even the smaller elements, such as the whir of a motorcycle and screech of the tires, can be heard clearly along with the bigger whiz-bang action.

The Extras

The extras include the usual behind-the-scenes featurettes, which after a while seem to blend together. They do provide some interesting little tidbits here and there, which is always worth a look. There are also a couple of cute viral videos with Cruise and Diaz, as well as a visit by Cruise to the Black Eyed Peas in London, who explain how they got involved in creating a song for the film.


Knight and Day is a fun romp around the globe, and would definitely be worth your time to check out. The action will keep you at the edge of your seat, even if you might guess how it all ends.

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