Top 10 TV Moments of 2010

24 Dec

As another wonderful year comes to a close and everyone busts out their top ten lists, I figured why not join the fun and create one of my own. It was a grueling process, but I was finally able to narrow down my ten favorite moments of the past year. Instead of just naming shows, I decided to combine characters, storylines, and anything else that caught my eye. Did any of your top moments make it? Well read on to find out.
10. “True Blood’s” Russell Takes on the News

During the wildly uneven, yet still enjoyable third season of “True Blood”, big bad vampire king Russell Edgington (played to over-the-top perfection by Denis O’Hare) had many memorable moments, but none more so when he interrupts a news cast, kills the anchorman on camera, delivers a terrifying speech about the nature of vampires, and ends with the immortal line “and now time for the weather….Tiffany,” proving that “True Blood” can deliver shocks and laughs with the best of them.

9. “The Big Bang Theory” Gives Sheldon a Girlfriend

A love interest for Sheldon? I’m sure many people cringed at the thought, but hats off (sorry I had to, but if you don’t know what I meant, click here) to Mayim Bialik for creating a “girlfriend” for “Big Bang’s” Sheldon and making her stand out. Bialik is flat out hilarious and often steals scenes with ease, which is no easy task when paired with a talent like the brilliant Jim Parsons.

8. “The Vampire Diaries” Gets Some Major Girl Power

They didn’t have to look far from their own cast though. Last season Ian Somerhalder stole the show with his portrayal of bad boy vamp Damon, however this year the females stepped up to take the spotlight. It goes without saying that Nina Dobrev proved herself once again by tackling the dual role of Elena/Katherine, clearly having a good time playing bad, but the surprise of the season goes to Candice Accola; her intense portrayal of Caroline’s transformation from whiny brat to vampire has taken what was my least favorite character (though I love them all) and basically made her the one I care about the most.

7. “American Idol” Gets a Shake-Up

Too bad the most interesting part of the season had to do with the judges, and not with the actual singing. Simon Cowell’s departure took away the spotlight from the cast of hopefuls, and created a media circus on just who the next set of judges will be. For those that haven’t heard yet (there might be one or two), the new judges are Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler and superstar Jennifer Lopez, who will join returning judge Randy Jackson behind the table.

6. “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Kent and Lauren Hold Their Own with the All-Stars

I was a bit worried that the new format on this past season’s “So You Think You Can Dance” would take away from what made the show such a knockout: taking an unknown and watching them grow as a dancer. But I was wrong, and Kent and Lauren sure proved that. Week after week, both put their best foot forward and it worked, with Lauren coming in first and Kent as the runner-up. I know some people might think it was wrong of me to leave out Alex Wong, but we already knew he is amazing when he auditioned, so I thought I would spread the love.

5. “The Walking Dead” comes to AMC

As I have said before, this supposed “zombie” show could have been many things, but all I was expecting was something that was hopefully a little scary. Instead, what we got was a terrific story of survival that hooked me right from the start. I cannot believe that it will be a year before we find out what happens to the group of survivors, but I’ll be there front and center when it happens.

4. “Community” Gets Animated

“Community” is known for its risk taking, and often it pays off in a big way. If you don’t believe me, just look at “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas,” a stop-motion animated treat that hopefully will be considered a holiday classic. The details were perfect, and the writing was still as sharp as ever. Plus, there is a clever dig at “Lost.” What else would anyone want for Christmas?

3. “Project Runway’s” Big Revelation

Fans of this fashion-themed reality hit know that the secret to a great season has as much to do with the casting as it does with the fashion, and boy did we get a great cast this time around. The standout was adorable oddball Mondo Guerra, who provided the most tearful and heartbreaking moment in the shows history by revealing his HIV positive status after judge Nina Garcia wonders what the story behind his original pattern choice is. I think it is safe to say that everyone watching wanted to reach out and give him a great, big hug.

2. A Second First Kiss on “Glee”

We all know about the Kurt/Karofsky kiss (which in my opinion is the best storyline of the year) but let’s not forget that another first kiss happened as well between Coach Beiste (the wonderful Dot-Marie Jones, who is a welcome addition) and Will (Matthew Morrison.)After finding out the some of the Glee club members have been using her image to cool off when things get too hot and heavy, Beiste admits to Will that deep down, she is still a girl, but one who has never been kissed. In a truly wonderful moment, Will surprisingly leans in and tenderly places a kiss on her lips. It was a gentle reminder that even though “Glee” can be a little cruel at times, it still has a heart of gold.

1. Betty White Rocks “Saturday Night Live”

After a hugely successful fan-led campaign on Facebook, Betty White was asked to host a special Mother’s Day episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The result was one of the funniest episodes in a long, long time, and proved that “SNL” can be worthy of a look with the right host present. Sure, a lot of it was dirty talk style humor, but with White’s impeccable timing, I really don’t think anyone cared all that much, especially since they were probably way too busy laughing.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy the holidays, and rest up. There is still more TV to talk about.


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