Whatever’s On TV Recap: Glee, Oringal Song

18 Mar

Welcome back Gleeks. This week is regionals, which brings more than a few surprises. What did we have in store? Well read on to find out.

The Warblers are studying when Blaine walks in and starts singing “Misery” by Maroon Five. All join in but Kurt, who questions the groups choice of opening numbers. He agrees that Blaine is a great talent, but thinks doesn’t agree that the Warblers should always be “Blaine and the Pips.” Blaine is a little shaken, and accuses Kurt of jealousy. Kurt, being Kurt, doesn’t deny it at all.

Rachel brings in Finn for her latest original, which has got to be a step better than “My Headband.” Unfortunately, Finn still feels the hilarious Only Child (about the sorrows she has being without siblings) is still not tapping into the emotion she needs. As they talk, they are spied on by Quinn, who reveals through voice over that she wants to be with Finn in order to get a heads up on being Prom Queen (after all, they live five years longer than normal people.) She sees Rachel as competition, and decides to become her friend to keep a close eye.

The Warbler’s later receive some bad news: Pavarotti, their beloved canary, has died, and Kurt sings “Black Bird” by the Beatles to honor him. The rest of the Warblers chime in, and Blaine suddenly gets a realization: he wants to sing a duet with Kurt. Kurt later asks why he got chosen, and the moment that Klaine fans have been waiting for finally emerges: Blaine admits his feeling for Kurt, and they KISS!!! I think I literally hear the cheering across America.

Back at New Directions, though Mercedes gives it her best, Will still doesn’t think they are tapping into what they need for regionals. He asks what hurts them, and they naturally mention how Sue tries to make them feel like losers (what was up with the stick throwing?) Will writes a few words on the board, and thus the first original “Loser Like Me” is born.

Quinn and Rachel are meeting for the second song, where a heated confrontation occurs. Rachel learns of Quinn and Finn together, and her heart breaks. Quinn tells her as long as she hopes for that happy ending, Rachel will never get it right. Rachel sits at her bed, writing away, with the title Get It Right, which becomes the next original song.

Right before regionals we find out that Sue lied about the letter from My Chemical Romance, and arranged to have Aural Intensity sing songs tailor made for the judges (which include Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devin in their guest roles.) They get a standing o from Griffin’s character, which makes Sue completely happy.

Next are the Warblers, who knock the duet “Candles” out of the park thanks to the awesome chemistry of Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. The Pink song, “Raise Your Glass” was also well done, however, next is New Directions, and the originals, although released earlier, played strongly on T.V. I was cheering along with every word, which yes, I know I do often with Glee, but this time it felt just a bit more special.

In the end, after a hilarious deliberation by the judges, New Directions is going to Nationals. Sue is so unhappy, she punches the Lieutenant Governer’s wife. It was sweet to see her lose in the end, but we know she will be back.

Random thoughts:

* I loved how Brittany’s favorite song was “My Headband.”
* Favorite rejected original songs: Trout Mouth and Big Ass Heart.
* Loved seeing Sam lift the sign that read “Hell No” when Santana stated she had revamped her song.
* Honestly, I love the Sue character, but throwing sticks and putting dirt in Brit and Santana’s lockers, so not cool. Brittany’s line of not remembering putting it there so was.
* The kiss was everything that it should have been: sweet, unexpected, and very tasteful.
* Loved how the songs lyrics included “the dirt you throw at me” and “push me in a locker.”
* Throwing the faux-slushie at the end was a nice touch.
* Rachel winning the MVP was a very sweet moment.

Overall, this episode was a one-two punch of story and songs, and moved up on my list as the favorite of the season, which is saying a lot given that “Never Been Kissed” was at the top. I honestly wonder where it could all go from here, but with the Karofsky story still unresolved, there is still more to find out.

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