Dancing with the Stars: Top 10 Best Surprise Dancers

20 Mar

Last time the top 10 worst dancers were listed, but to begin the season of “Dancing with the Stars” on a more positive note, how about listing the top 10 surprise dancers to ever hit the floor. You know the ones I mean; the unknown “star” that somehow takes our breath away, or perhaps the the supposed “washed up star” that everyone figured would be a total disaster. Read through the list then comment on who your favorites are, or who you feel are missing.

10. Kyle Massey

Massey had the unfortunate label of being the token Disney child actor, however once he cha cha’d onto the floor it was pretty much guaranteed that this “kid” was there to win (he came in second.) What Massey lacked in technical skill, he made up for with pure energy and showmanship. He could teach a few of the supposed true “stars” a lesson on how to entertain an audience.

9. Cristian de la Fuente

People probably thought of him as just a pretty face, but even with an arm injury, de la Fuente managed to come in third behind football player Jason Taylor.

8. Pamela Anderson

Anderson came in as the supposed “washed up star” and managed to blow the judges away by channeling icons such as Marylin Monroe and Dolly Parton. All while keeping her own sexiness in tact, which is no small feat.

7. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne and graceful are words that no one probably ever put in the same sentence. Yet after her first waltz, Osbourne proved she was much more than the daughter of Ozzy, landing in third place as well as the hearts of the audience.

6. Donny Osmond

Though it was a few seasons later, people still had Marie’s bizzare doll dance on their minds when they heard that Donny had signed on, which probably did not work in his favor. However, the showbiz legend managed to charm the voters with his charisma and a terrific free dance, which helped propel him to a victory over R&B singer Mya.

5. Gilles Marini

“Sex and the City” fans knew him very, very well, but Marini was virtually unknown to those outside the world of Carrie and Samantha. However, Marini proved he didn’t need a shower scene to stand out, and was a controversial second place finisher; controversial because many felt he should have won over Shawn Johnson, who beat Marini by less than 1 percent.

4. Kelly Monaco

Soap star Monaco was very shaky in the early stages of the competition (which was the first season ever.) Somehow she managed to pull everything together, taking the judges advice to heart and later becoming the first ever winner of the mirror ball trophey.

3. Warren Sapp

Who says big guys can’t move? Sapp proved that being around 300 pounds won’t stop you from shaking your stuff, and worked his colorful personality to a second place finish behind Brooke Burke.

2. Helio Castroneves

Fans knew this race car driver was a talent behind the wheel, but who would have figured that this charmer was so light on his feet. Castroneves showed to be such a good entertainer that he took first over favorite Mel B.

1. Stacy Keibler

Wrestling fans already had their walls decorated with Keibler’s notoriously long legs, but those same legs served her well on the dance floor. That is why it was such shock that Keibler, who received a perfect score, came in third behind Jerry Rice and Drew Lachey. Perhaps that is the curse of the free dance, which can make or break someone.

Did your favorites make the list?

“Dancing with the Stars” premieres March 21st on ABC .

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