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Question of the Day: 2/26/10

I recently read that Howard Stern has stated that should he go to Idol, he would want Ellen and Kara removed and would bring in his own people(I’m guessing he’ll still let Randy sit in). Let’s say by some off chance that this is even remotely true, my question for you is “which version would you watch?” Stern or Ellen? Comment away!!!


Ellen’s Talk Show renewed for three more years

I guess the good news just keeps pouring in for Ellen DeGeneres. First she helps American Idol fill the void that Paula left, as well as help it get stronger ratings, but now her talk show has been renewed for three more years, which will take it into it’s eleventh season. You can read more about it here.

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Ellen: If Stern’s coming to ‘Idol," I’m outta here :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Entertainment

Ellen: If Stern’s coming to ‘Idol,” I’m outta here :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Entertainment

Just found this off of the Chicago Sun Times via a retweet from Twitter. Normally I TRY (notice the capital letters) not to post anything unless the person themselves have actually said it, but I found this one too good to pass up. It would be a shame to lose her, since early reports show a very favorable response, and if it came down to one or the other (and please excuse my over use of this Twilight reference) I’d be on team Ellen all the way.

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Kara DioGuardi talks about Ellen, Howard Stern

I wasn’t a big Kara fan in the beginning, but after reading this AP article via yahoo, I think I might be able to turn my opinion around: DioGaurdi lauds DeGeneres as Idol Judge

I have to say, I completely agree with her on this one. Stern is good at what he does, but I think he would be a definite mismatch on Idol. His humor is of a different kind, and as I said previously, the contestants would benefit more from someone with a musical background. Sure he performs in front of millions day in and day out, but that perspective is already filled by Ellen. If anything, it could prove either a ratings hit, or a major disaster, if this were to actually happen.


Ellen’s Debut and Other Ratings News

Just saw this on Ellen Gives Idol a Boost; Lost Takes a Dip

Ellen’s debut episode brought in 27.7 million viewers, helping Idol climb 12 percent in the 18-49 demos, and 4 percent in the overall viewership, compared to the opening of Hollywood week in Season 8.

Lost debuted to 11.2 million viewers(down 11 percent from last seasons premiere), and won the battle in terms of demos, however NCIS: Los Angeles took the hour in overall viewers with 17.8 million.

The Good Wife ended winning it’s hour as well, with 14.7 in overall viewers.


American Idol News: Randy Jackson on Cowell rumors

Here’s Randy Jackson’s take on everything happening this season, courtesy of the Reuters article I read on yahoo: Idol judge Jackson calls Cowell rumors distracting.
I think he’s right on the money with this one. All this talk about whether or not Simon is leaving, as well as Paula’s departure and Ellen filling in, kind of takes the focus away from what the show is about: finding the next superstar (which some could debate, but we won’t get into that here.)This should really be about the contestants, and I honestly believe that if you have quality talent, the people will respond. If it’s lackluster, well, that’s when you will see the audience fall away. So whoever fills the judges chair will hopefully remember that. That’s my two cents, give or take a penny.


More American Idol News

Here are a couple of articles dealing with American Idol, one from and the other from Yahoo.

You know, people will probably criticize Ellen for not having any music industry knowledge(it probably has started), but I like how she describes herself to be like the people at home. It’s true, most of us probably don’t know the technicalities like the other judges do, but we are very quick to say who we think rocks, as well as who stunk to high heaven. To me, her perspective will help people relate more to the show and the critiques given. But, like everything else, only time will tell.

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