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Kate Gosselin’s Children Allowed to Appear on TLC’s Specials

She may have lost Dancing with the Stars, but she’s still winning out. TVGuide reports that Gosselin’s children have been cleared to appear on a series of specials on TLC, titled Kate Plus 8. This comes after state regulators ruled that labor permits should have been obtained for Gosselin’s previous show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. No legal action was taken, however the producers agreed to apply for permits for any future tapings and specials. What do you think? Should the kids be back on T.V.? Or should they try to live a normal life from now on?

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Posted by on April 26, 2010 in Kate Gosselin


Dancing with the Stars 5th Elimination

Before we get to the elimination, I thought I would start with my encore dance choice, and I’m glad the judges agreed: Jake and Chelsea’s Cha Cha to Risky Business

  Wow, for the first time fan favorite (Tom’s words, not mine) Kate Gosselin is in the bottom two. Chad and Cheryl, Pamela and Damien, as well Jake and Chelsea (I guess dancing without pants didn’t work. With a body like that, color me shocked) were put in jeopardy. Thankfully, Jake and Chelsea were safe along with Chad and Cheryl, which put Pamela and Damien in the bottom two with Kate and Tony. So who did America send home? Surprise of surprises, Kate and Tony are leaving the dance floor. Putting my feelings of her aside, this was actually a very touching send off. Because of that, I think I will actually keep my snarky comments to myself for once. Well, until she shows up somewhere else. Then all bets are off.


Dancing with the Stars Elimination 4/13/2010

Well, Kate Gosselin has been given a pass for another week. Like I’ve said before (not sure if here, but I might have) I’m not a fan, but she did show some improvement over her past dances. Aiden, who was sent home, took a few steps back. He was handsome and charming, however his movements were very stiff. Couple that with a smaller fan base than Kate’s (although I would have thought his would have grown over the course of the show. With his face and smile, how could it not have not)and well, you know the rest. I’m sure Kate can still improve, but will it really be enough to stay? Do you think she should have gone home instead of Aiden? Also, did anyone notice they used not one, but TWO Idol contestant songs: Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment and Kris Allen’s Live Like Your Dying? Hmmm, is that a shot at beating them in the ratings? Or a coincidence? Comment away!


My DVR Moment of the Week

Well, I never said my top moments were always going to be what was the best on T.V. Case in point: Kate Gosselin’s odd (and not in a good way) performance on this weeks Dancing With the Stars. The song choice (Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi)  was pure inspiration, since it’s a subject Kate faces on a daily basis, however she was just unable to channel that emotion into anything worth watching. She did get another week, so maybe she’ll finally get her act together. But I honestly doubt it.

Runner up: Never one to pass up an opportunity, Jimmy Fallon Parodies Kate’s dance.

Missed Moment:
Tina Fey brings back her Sarah Palin impersonation on SNL. I could kick myself for missing this.


Jimmy Fallon’s Paparazzi Interpretation

Man, they should have had Jimmy Fallon on this seasons Dancing With the Stars! Watch as he parodies  Kate Gosselin’s Paparazzi dance. The only problem: He is still using too much emotion and movement, even with his stiff interpretation. Have a look. If you can’t view it, click here.


Dancing with the Stars Second Elimination, 4/6/2010

I’m not as shocked as last week, since one of the bottom two made sense, but my jaw still slightly fell. The reason: Kate was still safe, and Jake made the bottom two. At least Pamela Anderson didn’t fall to the bottom like last week. Buzz being there made sense. He had joy, but absolutely no technique. Kate, on the other hand, had absolutely no joy or technique. But that is the way America voted, and in the end, it was Buzz and Ashely to go home. Although I agree with this, I still would have picked Kate over him just for the fact that I didn’t feel so awkward after watching Buzz dance the way I did with Kate. In fact, I sometimes smiled. Not because he did well, but it looked like he was having fun. So what do you think? Did the right person go home?


Dancing with the Stars First Elimination

I am in shock. I still don’t know what to say. I’ve always known it was a popularity contest more than a dance competiton, but I still would have thought that even Shannon Doherty would have had a bigger fan base than Kate Gosselin.But somehow, someway, Kate is still in the running, even after having not one but two disastrous dances. It’s not that I would have wanted her to go first (okay, I did) but Shannon wasn’t even the worst of the pack. If people were voting on skill, then Chad, Aiden, and Buzz would have been in greater danger. Oh well, I guess that’s the kind of drama that makes great T.V. Or at least cheesy entertainment. What do you think? Did Shannon deserve to go? Or should it have been Kate?