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Dancing with the Stars Recap, 3/19/2010

It’s movie night tonight. Hopefully that brings out the joy in some of the stars. 

Niecy and Louie- La Bamba-Jive

The dancing seems a little slow for a jive, but she is shaking it with all she’s got. I’ve her energy and spirit. Plus it doesn’t hurt to live your lips on Len’s forehead. Len says she put her personality into it. Bruno felt it lacked the necessary sharpness, but awww, Louie took the blame. That’s sweet. Carrie-Ann called her the shimmy queen.

Score: 18 (booooo goes the crowd. I’m with them)

Chad and Cheryl- The Jungle Book – Quickstep

The song makes me wonder if the Jungle Book will be coming out of the Disney vault. Chad seems more relaxed to me, as if he is having more fun. Bruno says it was a bit too wild and his frame was terrible. Carrie-Ann said he was uneven and lacked body contact. Len said he thought his posture was better than his Foxtrot, but commented on his hold.

Score: 18

Erin and Maks – Pulp Fiction-Jive

She’s got that Uma look down, I just wish they had given her a black wig. I think ths is a definite step up from her tango. She looks calmer, and that makes for a fun dance. Carrie-Ann liked it, but said she was a little ahead of the beat. Len hated the beginning, but liked it once it kicked into high gear. Bruno mumbled something I didn’t understand, but said it was her best timing yet. On a side note, romance will not be in the air until Erin sees a ring like the one Chad got Cheryl. Hmmmmm…..

Score: 22

Jake and Chelsea-Risky Business- Cha Cha

Jaws just dropped across America: Jake in tightie whities. Man, the fun is just infectious tonight. Some parts were good, some parts seemed like he was walking. But I’m still thinking of that beginning. Len says he gave it his all, and loved his feeling, but noticed his mistake. Bruno wonders why he put his pants back on, and complimented his energy, but mentions that mistake as well. Carrie-Ann loved it (surprise surprise)

Score: 23 (I wonder if his thighs had anything to do with it)

Pamela and Damien- 9 to 5- Quickstep

I’m loving the Dolly Parton look. This one starts slow for me (Len will probably hate it), but really picks up. Bruno compliments her characterization and says she did a great job with the dance. Carrie-Ann loved the dance, and thinks Pam belongs on Broadway. Len, hated the beginning (surprise) but liked the bits of dancing.

Score: 21

Kate and Tony – The Breakfast Club- Foxtrot

I see some stuff, but she’s still so stiff and anxious it’s hard to see any improvement. Carrie-Ann sees itty bitty bits of grace forming, but compares her to the Charlie Brown teacher. Len thought it was clean, but it was more of a stroll. Bruno thought she took a step back.

Score: 15

Nicole and Derek – Pretty Woman – Tango

I think it’s safe to say Nicole is back. It was fun, energetic, and from my inexperienced eye, looked pretty spot on. Standing ovation well deserved. Len thought it was her best dance, and the best dance of the season . Bruno said a lot of words, but I think I heard perfection somewhere. Carrie-Ann calls her a superstar, and says it was beautiful.

Score: 29 (Damn you Len, with your 9)

Evan and Anna –Armageddon- Rumba

His height affects some of the movement for me, but you can clearly see how skating helps some of his moves. Bruno thinks it’s superb. Carrie-Ann thinks there was beauty in the movement. Len felt it had artistry and musicality and felt he did a great job.

Score: 27

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My Dancing with the Stars Twitter Recap

I decided to Tweet the entire time I watched, so I thought I would share them as a recap. Unfortunately it is in reverse order, so you’ll have to start at the bottom. Let me know what you think. Some thoughts that weren’t on Twitter: The band really butchered Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment. Hmmm, I guess that was the only one.

tvguy956: Pamela Anderson also had her best dance. Sexy and beautiful. It was magic. 47 out of 60.

tvguy956: Len told Pamela to keep it out of the bedroom. With that outfit, I’m sure that’s all anyone can picture.
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 12:32 AM

tvguy956: That’s some ring on Cheryl’s finger. Chad has some taste.

tvguy956: Chad just did his best dance so far as well. Long way to go as well, but he’s also headed the right way.

tvguy956: Kate got a 32 out of 60. Higher than expected.

tvguy956: What I mean is she was actually MOVING. Good job. Now work on the technique. Long way to go, but a step in the right direction.

tvguy956: I will hand it to Kate this once, I think she fought hard this week.

tvguy956: OMG, did Tony just bring Jon into it????

tvguy956: Again, the judging was wrong!!!! Len is so grumpy.

tvguy956: Nicole may be considered a “ringer,” but she is so elegant to watch.

tvguy956: I have never disagreed with the judges more than now. I thought Niecy did a beautiful job.

tvguy956: I just love Neicy Nash.

tvguy956: No one spoil it for me please!!!

tvguy956: Watching DWTS, Evan got 52 out of 60 for an awesome performance.

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Dancing with the Stars Mini-Recap

The Stars and Pros were asked to create a story through dance without the stuff that makes Len angry. Did anyone succeed? Let’s find out.

Evan and Ana – Quickstep
I enjoy watching Evan dance, and he didn’t disappoint. I do agree with Len. He does wonderful work, but needs to work on polishing up a bit.
Score: 26

Buzz and Ashley- Waltz
Buzz has oodles of personality, and there was something very elegant about this dance. I enjoyed it, but not for the technical aspects, which unfortunately are not there.
Score: 13

Jake and Chelsie- Quickstep

I love the song, Walk Like an Egyptian, and it somehow worked for the quickstep. I was a little bored, but I loved the prop use.
Score: 21

Neicy and Louis- Waltz
I love watching her dance, and this was no exception. Except for a minor stumble, she was elegant, and managed to tell the story without a large prop.
Score: 21

Chad and Cheryl- Paso Doble
He had fire, but still needs to work on his moves. It was a an improvement though. Hopefully Cheryl can work her magic.
Score: 20

Pamela and Damien- Paso Doble
How she ended up in the bottom two last week is beyond me. And if she ends up there again with this dance, then something is definitely wrong. She had fire, passion, and technique. Not a bad combination.
Score: 21

Aiden and Edyta– Quickstep
He has improved, but is still a bit stiff out there. He is moving in the right direction though.
Score: 20

Erin and Maks– Waltz
She did a blindfolded waltz (though some of my friends thought they saw two holes in the eyes) and really put her trust in Maks. I thought it was well done, and think she is really moving up as a contender.
Score: 23

Kate and Tony – Paso Doble
It was a great song choice, but the emotion just wasn’t there. I would have assumed singing about the Paparazzi would have ignited something, but maybe her nerves are still getting to her. Like Carrie Ann, I was a little weirded out watching it.
Score: 15

Nicole and Derek- Quickstep
It was bouncy, fun, and wonderful to watch. Too bad it wasn’t a quickstep. Derek, what were you thinking?

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Project Runway Recap: 1/14/2010

Okay, I’m a little late in the game, but I’ve been working like a dog this past week and just barely got to the new Runway episode this morning. Let me just say, you can feel the energy back into our favorite reality competion (at least fashion wise). I don’t know if it was the move back to New York, but I got glimpses of the PR that I have loved for so long. So let’s get started.

The Contestants:

A very nicely mixed group, and one with a great amount of personality. Standouts for now(based on personality, not talent) were Anthony, Janeane, Jesus, and Seth. In just the first few minutes, Janeane was crying, Anthony spoke of himself in the third person, and Jesus was already sizing up the competition. Seth, on the other hand, was the first to tell Tim Gunn he was going to continue with his vision despite criticism(it did work for him, more on that later). Can’t forget the loopy Ping. Wow, I don’t even know if I can name this many designers from last season right off the bat like I can now. I thought I was going to hate Anthony, but he made me chuckle more than once. Jesus, to me, is still coming across like the Christian Soriano wannabe, but it is too early to tell, and after all, that could just be his personality.

The Runway:

Okay, so I’m not necessarily the most fashionable person, given my collection of witty t-shirts and endless supply of Old Navy jeans, but I think I can tell what looks good and doesn’t.

Loved,loved, loved that Michael Corrs and Nina Garcia were here. I missed them so. I did wish there were more of Micheal’s trademark quips, but it is still the first episode. As far as the dresses go, Emilio’s stood out to me, and quickly became my favorite. I didn’t really like Seth’s (I’m just not a fan of the table cloth type of material) but it was well done, especially in the back. My least favorite was Christiane’s, which looked like it was just pieced toghether when she ran out of material.

The Winner: Emilio

Out: Christiane

I’m not surprised by this. If I don’t like something, that means the judges will hate it.

Some thoughts:

Nicole Richie was a pretty decent judge. She had a lot of insight and made some really good comments.

As a techical person, I am super jealous of the HP Tablets they get to use as a design tool. They looked soooooooooo sweet. I really, really, really want one (really).

This season is off to a promising start. Let’s hope it can keep up the momentum.

Till next time……..

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Recap on tonights TV :How I Met Your Mother, Two and a half Men, Big Bang Theory

Tonight was CBS night, and a return of some of my favorite comedies. I know the current trend is towards shows such as 30 Rock and Modern Family, but it’s nice to have a place where you can find a more traditional style of sitcom. Some may complain it’s an old formula, but if it works, then I say keep the formula going. So let us begin. Warning, there might be some spoilers.

How I Met Your Your Mother: I liked the episode, but I feel so cheated. I’m not the biggest Rachel Bilson fan, but my heart jumped when I finally thought we found the mother. But alas, she was only the roommate. At least we are a step closer. I do have to say, for the 100th episode, it just didn’t feel all too memorable, Barney’s suit song aside (NPH is AWESOME).

Two and a Half Men: I often hear it’s a one joke show. But sometimes, it’s a joke told rather well. I enjoyed the Alan/Herb friendship, but honestly, does anyone feel they might as well make Alan gay already. They lean toward it a lot, so it should just become official. Only thing missing was Evelyn. Trust me, it was noticeable.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon as a “Wing Man.” Nuff said. This was hilarious, and the young lady expecting to bed Sheldon was one of the best endings in the shows history. Who knew a Green Lantern lantern and a pair of Hulk hands were sexy (imo)?

Some of the best lines of the night:
“These broncos have been saddled.”
“Hulk agree to second date with puny humans. Hulk sad.”
“Goodnight puny human.”
and of course “I’ll sleep in Leonards room, good night.”

You might see that Accidentaly on Purpose is missing. As I mentioned, when formula works, it’s fantastic. But when it doesn’t….

There you have it. What were your favorite moments tonight? Comment away!!!!


Thoughts on Tonights T.V. (Wed.)

Since Glee was a repeat, I figured I would try the new comedy block on ABC. I missed The Middle and Modern Family, hopefully I can find them online. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of each previously, and I wanted to see if I was missing something great. I was able to catch two of their other shows, one new, one I used to watch, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

First up, Cougar Town, starring former Friends star Courtney Cox. This is the episode I mentioned in a previous post that was going to guest star Lisa Kudrow (also from Friends) and it didn’t disappoint. I laughed. A lot. More than I actually thought I would. Yes, it was kind of sleazy and corny, but it was also fun. Just the kind of thing to take your mind off your world for a while. I don’t know yet if I will make it appointment T.V., but I’m willing to give it another try.

Next was Ugly Betty, a show I had mentioned that I adored but needed a break from (I guess like all relationships). When the episode started, I was a bit worried. Seeing Betty going through another boyfriend dilemma made my heart sink. But the story didn’t end where I expected, and it had just the right amount of drama and comedy. I still didn’t feel the spark I had when it first premiered, but I will watch again. Besides, I just love the new look Betty has. More sophisticated and professional. Very fitting for someone moving up in the magazine business.

Well, that’s it for now. Tune back tomorrow for more of my simply scintillating reviews : )

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