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Top 10 TV Moments of 2010

As another wonderful year comes to a close and everyone busts out their top ten lists, I figured why not join the fun and create one of my own. It was a grueling process, but I was finally able to narrow down my ten favorite moments of the past year. Instead of just naming shows, I decided to combine characters, storylines, and anything else that caught my eye. Did any of your top moments make it? Well read on to find out.
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Brett Michael’s on Idol?

Something interesting I found on 60 percent of people polled believe Bret Michaels should replace Simon Cowell on American Idol. Now, I like Brett, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a big Poison fan back in the day, but I’m not sure this is a good idea. In the past few months, Michaels has suffered from appendicitis, a brain hemorrhage, and a stroke. I think some higher power might be trying to tell him something. I don’t doubt he has plenty of advice to offer. He’s been a performer for nearly two decades, and can offer words on music and performance. But he does have children to think about, and I think they need him more than Idol does. However, I do shudder to think of the alternatives.

What do you think?

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TV Guide Magazine | News | Simon Cowell on His Idol Replacement

Here’s something of interest for all you American Idol fans: TV Guide Magazine | News | Simon Cowell on His Idol Replacement

This article did three things for me: First, it showed his appreciation for Ellen, whose perspective as a stage performer is a benefit to the contestants. Second, it calmed my fears of Howard Stern being the replacement, since Cowell himself said Stern would not be a good match. Third, it brought up the choice of Perez Hilton, who is mentioned in the article of campaigning really hard for it. Simon thinks he is a good choice, and I have nothing against Perez Hilton (I agree with Simon, he is a character with lots of personality, and isn’t afraid to be confrontational) but, as with my hesitation with Stern, I wonder what his background in music is. I guess I will have to do a little research before I make any personal judgments. To be honest though, it wouldn’t matter what I said, it’s up to Simon and the producers, and I anticipate that whomever they choose will come with controversy, no matter what.

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Stern on American Idol, pt. 2

Well, as I mentioned previously, American Idol producers have stated that they would love to have Howard Stern fill the judges seat that will be left by Simon Cowell after this season. Now here’s Stern’s side, and for those who are skeptical (and I’ll admit I’m one of them), it doesn’t look good. It seems that he would, in fact, be interested, but it would take about 100 million dollars. That’s a big chunk of change, and if it doesn’t work out, the ones who will really lose are the contestants and the viewers. Like I’ve said, I will keep an open mind, but it can only stay open for so long.

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Howard Stern on Idol?

I caught this yesterday, but it took a bit to sink in: Is Howard Stern replacing Simon Cowell on Idol?

Now, I think I know why producers would want Stern. He is very opinionated and is never afraid to tell it like it is, much like an acerbic judge we currently know. However, and I could be wrong so please correct me if I am, putting Stern on would take away another music industry expert that could have the same valuable input that Simon provides. Also, Stern’s kind of truthfulness is more compatible with a round table such as Real Time with Bill Maher, and not with a bunch of hopefuls trying to make it in the music industry. Like everything, I can wait and see, and since this isn’t official it’s not something that should let get my undies in a twist. But, if producers are trying to shake things up to keep Idol of interest once Cowell goes, then I think they need to really think long and hard before making a choice. A lot is at stake, and one bad decision in this fickle T.V. climate is never a good thing.

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My DVR Moment of Last Week

This weeks honor goes to the Project Runway judges for finally not letting personality get in the way of the competition. Ping Wu had oodles of personality, but it just did not translate well into her creations. After a strong start(which you either loved or hated. I thought it was daring) she quickly melted into the abyss, making very obscure choices, which led me to believe that maybe daring isn’t always what’s best. Poor Pamela (who was booted the week before), she may not have had the best look for her models rear, but at least she kept it reigned in. So although we are down a memorable character, at least the spirit of what PR should be is now in tact.

Missed Moment: I think I might be a little obsessive, given how my last missed moment involved NPH as well. I really would have loved to have seen him judge American Idol. Even without watching, I’m on board for him to be Simon’s replacement when he leaves. Who’s with me?


American Idol News: Simon Cowell’s last season

After much speculation, Simon Cowell revealed that this is indeed his last season of American Idol. According to the article I found on TVGuide’s website, Cowell will still be a regular face on the Fox Network, judging and producing an American version of the X-Factor.

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