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Top 10 TV Moments of 2010

As another wonderful year comes to a close and everyone busts out their top ten lists, I figured why not join the fun and create one of my own. It was a grueling process, but I was finally able to narrow down my ten favorite moments of the past year. Instead of just naming shows, I decided to combine characters, storylines, and anything else that caught my eye. Did any of your top moments make it? Well read on to find out.
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My DVR Moment of the Week, 3/18/2010

So many to choose from, but hands down, the moment goes to the return of Glee and the amazing Jane Lynch. Her performance of “Vogue” may not have had much to do with the plot (more connected to this week’s “Power of Madonna” episode), but that didn’t make it any less fun.

The return of the “Evil Will Wheaton” on The Big Bang Theory. His manipulations caused Penny to break up with Leonard, leading the boys to lose a bet with Stuart and appear in Superheroine drag at the Comic Book Store. When I saw the picture of Raj as Catwoman, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. His empowered line was one of the best in the entire episode.

Second Runner-up: Drunk Stefan on the Vampire Diaries. Too bad it didn’t cure the urge to feed. And an memo to the producers: You’ve just got David Anders. Don’t you dare mess it up like Heroes did.

Missed Moment:
I’m still behind on Project Runway. The finale is this week, so I better catch up fast.


Big Bang Theory Gang in Superheroine Drag

Ever wondered what the Big Bang gang would look like in female superhero drag? Well look no further. Click here. All I can say is they couldn’t have picked a more perfect Catwoman. They give Halle Berry a run for her money if there is every a sequel (of course I am kidding about the sequel. No one wants that.)


Mayim Bialik to Play Sheldon’s Love Interest on Big Bang

Get out your pads and pencils, Mayim Bialik (Blossom) is set to guest star on the Big Bang Theory as Victoria, a potential love interest for Sheldon. The duo will have a date on the season finale after meeting on an online dating site, with Bialik possibly returning next season.

For my thoughts on Sheldon in a relationship, click here. In short, I was never really in favor of putting Sheldon in any type of romantic setting, since I thought it would take away from his bewilderment of human interaction. However, since they are putting Bialik’s Victoria as the female Sheldon, it would be interesting to see how he reacts to someone as anal as him, and whether or not he would even notice.  That is something I would love to see.

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My DVR Moment of the Week

My DVR Moment of the Week comes from The Big Bang Theory, which provided not one but two memorable moments: Sheldon fighting off his stage fright with alcohol (thanks to a helpful Penny) and the aftermath of learning your escapades landing you on youtube (which has become a big fear of mine, so now I’m extra careful of what I do in public.)

Runner up: Spartacus is forced to put a sword on his friend Varro in Spartacus:Blood and Sand. Though it’s far from a masterpiece, this show has upped game a bit and actually was able to put a surprise in there, which for a jaded viewer like myself, is very hard to do.


Big Bangs Sheldon vs. American Dad’s Roger: Who Makes The Better Gollum

In the past couple of weeks we have seen two parodies of  Lord of the Rings on T.V. First came American Dad, who used an Olympic Gold Medal owned by Roger as the ring, and on The Big Bang Theory, which had the gang fight over a prop from the movie. Naturally, someone had to play the scene-stealing Gollum, and who better than scene-stealers Sheldon and Roger. Take a look at their different takes, and comment on which one you thought was better. I found them both funny, but the sight of Sheldon in full Gollum make-up had me crawling on the floor.

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My DVR Moment of the Week

This weeks top choice goes to Project Runway and the judges for completely missing the mark this week. Jesse’s dress may not have been a good look, however in terms of totally messing up the challenge, Emilio took a bigger risk with an even worse payoff. Now I’m not going against their critiques (which you can see below), I just think in terms of overall product, they sent the wrong person home. Hopefully Jesse can take this a stepping stone and turn into a name to truly watch out for. I’m rooting for you!!!

Jesse’s Extended Critique

Runner-up: Raj and his sound effects T-shirt on the Big Bang Theory. There were so man funny moments, including Sheldon’s meeting and ultimate restraining order with Stan Lee, but this is the one that had me laughing the hardest.

Missed Moment: Alicia’s husband returns home on The Good Wife. Luckily I still have it saved.