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Top 10 TV Moments of 2010

As another wonderful year comes to a close and everyone busts out their top ten lists, I figured why not join the fun and create one of my own. It was a grueling process, but I was finally able to narrow down my ten favorite moments of the past year. Instead of just naming shows, I decided to combine characters, storylines, and anything else that caught my eye. Did any of your top moments make it? Well read on to find out.
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TV’s Top Moments: Oct. 24th-30th

Warning, this may contain some spoilers, so if you have something still stuck in your DVR that is on here, please don’t read further. Once you’ve seen it, then please go ahead : )

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TV’s Best Moments: October 4th thru 9th

What a week in TV: smackdowns, both verbal and physical, sad departures, and a hot Britney performance not from Glee.


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Vampire Diaries Recap: Founder’s Day

Well everyone, it finally came. The Vampire Diaries has finally reached the end of it’s first season. Many characters have come and gone (Pearl, Vicky), and tonight was no exception. Was it worth the wait? Well, read on to find out.

It’s Founder’s Day in Mystic Falls, and after a misleading intro, we see Elena and Stefan in old fashioned clothing (and pulling it off by the way) on their way to the parade. Jeremy is too, but not after a visit from Ana. She is feeling alone (who can blame her after her mother has just been killed) and asks Jeremy to leave town with her. She gives him a vial of her blood and asks him to drink it so she can turn him. He refuses, and she leaves just as quickly as she came in.

Jeremy is still pissed with Elena, and refuses to let her make things right. Stefan and Damon are having their own little squabble as well, with Damon’s feelings for Elena coming into question.  Add Elena finding out the uncle she’s hated for so long is really her father, and you’ve got one really tense situation.

Pappa John (formaly Uncle John) is still moving foward with his plan to kill all the Vampires, and we finally find out what that device does: it lets out a high frequency pitch that only Vampires can hear (among other things, more on that later) which will leave vulnerable, allowing the police to round them up and finish them off. What John doesn’t know is that Ana has informed Damon of the tomb vampires plan to kill the townspeople. Damon and Stefan are still under the impression that Bonnie deacitivated the device, and try to round up their loved ones before it is too late.

Once the fireworks begin, Uncle John is given the signal, and the device goes off. All the vampires fall, including Damon, Stefan, and Ana. In fact, Tyler and his father the mayor also seem to be affected, causing Tyler to crash his car. Unfortunately, only Stefan was able to get away, thanks to quick thinking from Alaric.

All the vamps (and the mayor) are taken into the basement, where John spreads gasoline across the room. He sees Ana and in a tragic scene, stakes her with a helpless Damon looking on. Stefan is able to get Damon out, with a little help from Bonnie, leaving the others to burn. On a side note, the mayor was not affected by the vervaine, which was questioned by Damon. Before he can answer, one of the vamps snaps his neck, leaving us to wonder if they will show what Tyler really is.

Back at the Gilbert house, Damon decides to tell Jeremy about Ana, letting him decide how he wants to handle it. It does not go well, and after Damon leaves, Jeremy decides to take up Ana’s offer, even if she is not there anymore.

Damon runs into Elena on the porch, and after a some sweet words, they share a brief kiss. Brief because Jenna catches them and brings her inside.

Pappa John sees her and tries to explain. He offer to help her put away knives, when suddenly she takes on, chops off his ring, and reveals herself to be none other than Katherine. The real Elena shows up looking for Jeremy, who has just swallowed a bunch of pills, and hears a noise in the kitchen. Naturally, she investigates.

Some thoughts:
I’ve been waiting for Katherine to come all season, and now I’ll have to wait until next season to find out what happens.

The kiss really took me for a loop, and even more so when it was revealed to be Katherine.

Best Moment: Damon telling Stefan that Elena is not Katherine, only to have her show up in her old time dress.

This was a great episode, and a perfect end to a wonderful season. They really have come a long way since the pilot, which left me wondering if I would actually be into this one. I’m glad I stuck with it. But now I have to wait till next season. Damn.

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My DVR Moment of the Week, 3/18/2010

So many to choose from, but hands down, the moment goes to the return of Glee and the amazing Jane Lynch. Her performance of “Vogue” may not have had much to do with the plot (more connected to this week’s “Power of Madonna” episode), but that didn’t make it any less fun.

The return of the “Evil Will Wheaton” on The Big Bang Theory. His manipulations caused Penny to break up with Leonard, leading the boys to lose a bet with Stuart and appear in Superheroine drag at the Comic Book Store. When I saw the picture of Raj as Catwoman, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. His empowered line was one of the best in the entire episode.

Second Runner-up: Drunk Stefan on the Vampire Diaries. Too bad it didn’t cure the urge to feed. And an memo to the producers: You’ve just got David Anders. Don’t you dare mess it up like Heroes did.

Missed Moment:
I’m still behind on Project Runway. The finale is this week, so I better catch up fast.


My DVR Moment of the Week

There are so many reasons to love The Vampire Diaries, but they have just given me one more: Kelly Hu as Pearl. Here I thought Bonnie’s Grams was the only person that could bring Damon to his knees “I’ve got 400 years on you, little boy,” she sneers right before gouging his eyes with her fingers. She’s right, she does have more power, but so did Lexie, and we all know what happened to her(if you don’t, I suggest you check out the “169 Candles” episode.) Mystic Falls might be getting a little full at this point, but if they keep bringing on the uber-vamps like Miss Pearl, I don’t think I will mind too much.

Runner-up: Anthony’s return on Project Runway. Although it meant losing Maya (who surprisingly quit) his entrance brought back a ray of sun that I was worried we would never see again. Not only did he get to come back, he won the challenge. If you are gonna come back, come back big, and no one came back bigger than Anthony.

Missed Moment: I always try to see the Ten Commandments as an Easter tradition, but unfortunately some last minute errands kept me away. Oh well, that’s what DVD’s are for.


Vampire Diaries Returns Tonight

In honor of the return of the Vampire Diaries, I decided to do a power ranking of the my favorite characters, each with some pro’s and con’s. Let us begin:

5. Caroline: The Brat with a Heart of Gold (well, possibly)
Pro: Caroline does tend to get a lot of good lines, and is often able to do favors for Damon that only humans can do.
Con: She’s often used as the one Damon can manipulate, and it all seems just a bit too easy. I’d love to see what would happen if she ever told him no.

4. Bonnie – The Witch
Pro: She is really coming into her own as a witch, and I enjoy how they are making it kind of gradual.
Con: Sometimes gradual can be a little too gradual. I do wanna see just a tad more, but not too much.

3. Damon – The Bad Boy Vamp
Pro: Damon is a terrific character, with so many shades to his ever growing appeal. He can make you hate him one moment, while letting out a gentle sigh the next.
Con: Sometimes I feel they are a bit schizophrenic with his character, one moment he seems so sweet, and then bam, he’s evil again. But of course, that is part of the appeal.

2. Stefan – The Sensitive Vamp
Pro: At first he seemed kind of a wimpy bore, but the writer’s have shown his strong, devoted side, which finally turned him into the heartthrob we all knew he could be.
Con: A little angst can sometimes go a long way.

1. Elena – The Love
Pro: At first she also seemed like someone trapped in her own angst, but Elena has quickly evolved into a very spunky spit-fire. She may be surrounded by supernatural things she doesn’t understand, you won’t see her just lie back and take it.
Con: The Katherine scenes (which I LOVE) sometimes overshadow the Elena ones. Not that I’m complaining.

So what do you think of the list? Do you agree or disagree? Comment away!