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Orange is the New Black, Season 2


Okay, so I realize that doing a recap of a show that is meant for binge watching is a little tricky. Some people may have watched all the episodes by now (even though the second season barely premiered yesterday), while others may wish to savor the show a few episodes at a time. I’m with the latter group, since it’s really hard for me to wait so long in between seasons for new episodes. I made that mistake with Orange is the New Black’s first season, and I vowed not to do it again this time around. But now I am wondering if I made the right choice.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t watched the first couple of episodes of the new season. Read the rest of this entry »

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Glee: The Complete First Season “The Gleek Edition”

Last week the cast of Glee took to the red carpet to celebrate the release of Glee: The Complete First Season “The Gleek Edition” on blue-ray and dvd (on sale September 14th) along with the season two premiere. In honor of the event, take a look at some of the stars at the premiere, and have fun with some of the applications below. Season 2 begins September 21st.

Mark Salling

Lea Michele

Naya Rivera

Glee Your Life Application: Figure out the theme song to your life through this fun and insightful question and answer application. We all live our lives differently and they are constantly changing and so would our theme songs if we were characters in a TV show. This application will tell you what song best fits your life as it is now.

Detention…With Sue!

Send your friends and loved ones to detention with the nefarious Sue (via Facebook Connect)!

Once in detention, Sue begins to berate the friend, nonstop and without fail. Their picture will begin to deteriorate as Sue’s lecture goes on and eventually evaporate into dust. During the lecture, they will not be able to navigate away until the Odetention period has ended will be able to shoot spitwads at Sue, but beware, if they hit her in the head, it extends Detention!

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